Halifax Directions


1:     Start out going West on Market St towards Pizzatown.


2:     Turn RIGHT onto PA-743.                                                     1.5 mi       


3:     Merge onto PA-283 W via the ramp on the LEFT.           11.2 mi


4:     Merge onto I-283 N toward I-81/I-83/HARRISBURG.        3.6 mi        


5:     I-283 N becomes I-83 N/US-322 W.                                    3.1 mi


6:      83 N (take EXIT 3B, 81-83N-322W)


7:      81 S (take EXIT 51A, Carlisle)


8:      22-322W (take EXIT 67B, Lewistown)

9:      147 N EXIT

10:    LEFT on 225 N (Follow 147 N and turn LEFT @ RED LIGHT.)


11:    LEFT on RISE Street. (This is 1st Left after Halifax M-School)


12:  To park at the elementary school and walk in by field #1……


LEFT on School Road. (This is 1st STOP sign.)

School will be on right…

Parking is in the rear of the school or if it is full park in front….


12:    To park at the bottom of the fields and walk up the hill……

LEFT on Front Street. (This is 3rd STOP sign and it will be at the river. Must take a Left or Right)
LEFT on 1st road beside the sewer plant. (This is 1st LEFT after crossing the RR tracks)

Parking lot on Left, walk up the hill to fields. 


Field #1 is the far LEFT field

Field #2 is the MIDDLE field.

Field #3 is the far RIGHT field