EABL Midseason Classic games and Optimist Club Tri-Star Baseball Competition

Sunday, 5/13, starting at 12:00PM

Sunday, 5/13, is a big day for the ballplayers from the EBC, Conoy, and Rheems organizations. 

The day will start with the Optimist Tri-Star baseball competition for all players signed up at EBC, Conoy, and Rheems, ages 8-13. Signups are from 12pm -1PM with the competition starting promptly at 1PM.  This is a fun individual competition for the players who will compete by running bases, hitting, and throwing.  There will be a trophy presentation after the competition for each age group.  All players will receive a drink and a hotdog after the competition from the Optimist Club. 

Next up will be the 2012 Midseason Baseball Classic games for the COLT, PONY, and M-MIDGET divisions starting at 3:30PM.  The COLT game will be held at Conoy(3:30pm), and the PONY (3:30pm) and M-MIDGET (6:00pm) games will be held at the Poplar Street baseball complex. 

EBC has put these games on the last few years to showcase the talent at each level.  The whole day has been fun for the players, coaches and the fans.

Rick Martin