2022 Elizabethtown Bears Cup Information

8U-12U Allstar Tournaments being held!! Please get signed up before we are full!!!!

Elizabethtown is once again hosting our Annual Elizabethtown Battle for the Bears Cup baseball tournaments.  The following are some changes that I think will interest everyone:

We have made changes this year to the AGE DATES since we are no longer in LL.  We will be using the date of 4/30/22 as the date to figure out ages.

I have made adjustments to the 7U, 8U, and 9U tournament dates since I received the Ripken dates.

We are also going to try to have a 7U tournament again.  If we do not have enough teams with interest in the 7U tournament by 5/15, we would cancel it.  This way organizations would know if they are picking a 7U team if Bears Cup was their only tournament.

These tournaments are for Local House All-Star teams only.  We are not including traditional travel teams, as extended seasons, and additional practice times, would give travel teams a competitive advantage over house teams, and travel teams have significantly more opportunities to play, compared to local house teams.

      We really appreciated all the support last year, it means so much to have so many different programs come and play competitive baseball at our fields.  We had a lot of excellent baseball action last year, some down to the wire Championships, some down pours of rain, but last year was a success.  We continue to have outstanding attendance at these tournaments and we hope everyone can make it again plus some new teams due to age date change.  We also are using our first come first serve policy on the tournaments, so sign up early.  If we have payment by 4/30, fee paid is $275, if payment is received May 1st or after, fees are $325.  If you are not coaching this year, please forward to someone in your program so they don't miss out on a spot in 2022's tournaments. 

To Preregister I will need the following information:  Head Coach Name, Email, and Cell #.

To Register, Make out check to EBC for payment amount depending on date.  Send check to the following address:

Rick Martin

c/o Bears Cup

103 Crimson Lane

Elizabethown, PA 17022


Here are the dates:

  7U Tournament                       12 Team invitational                      7/9 – 7/10/22      Must be 7 or less as of 4/30/2022
(Must have enough teams for tournament by 5/15/2020, or we will cancel prior to organizations picking a 7U team)
  8U Tournament                       12 Team invitational                      6/18 – 6/19/22    Must be 8 or less as of 4/30/2022

  9U Tournament                       12 Team invitational                      6/25 – 6/26/22    
Must be 9 or less as of 4/30/2022
10U Tournament                       12 Team invitational                      7/2 – 7/3/22        Must be 10 or less as of 4/30/2022
11U Tournament                       12 Team invitational                      7/16 – 7/17/22    Must be 11 or less as of 4/30/2022
12U Tournament                       10 Team invitational                      7/23 – 7/24/22    Must be 12 or less as of 4/30/2022

Rick Martin

Email:  Rick.Martin@EtownBoysClub.com

Tournament Director - Elizabethtown Baseball