Welcome to E-Town Boys Club Football Page

Welcome To The E-Town Boys Club Football Page

EBC has been providing football to the youth of Elizabethtown and surrounding areas for over 50 years.  Our quality program provides players with the opportunity to learn and play football.

Football is... 
Football is Believing
Football is Total Commitment
Football is Hard Work and Dedication.
Football is a Team that Beats with One Heart
Football is Mud, Sweat and Drive
Football is Whatever it Takes
Football is Brotherhood... On and Off the Field.
Football is One Goal
Football is Everything
- Author Unknown

2021 Football Information for Signups

EBC Football 2021
Safety is Rule #1: “when in doubt, sit them out”


We compete in Section 1 of the Red Rose Youth Football League. 9 game schedule, plus possible playoffs. 

2020 - C & B Squads made the playoffs.

  • All head coaches are certified for Heads Up Football, through USA Football.
  • Every staff member with EBC Football has completed concussion awareness  and heat illness awareness courses.
  • Our equipment meets or exceeds all safety guidelines.


B squad    11/12 year olds as of June 1st   Max weight of 145lbs. (unlimited weight for linemen)    $125

C squad     9/10 year olds as of June 1st    Max weight of 120lbs. (unlimited weight for linemen)      $125

D squad     7/8  year olds as of June 1st    Max weight of 100 lbs. (unlimited weight for linemen)      $125

Flag Football for 5 and 6 year olds. 8 weeks program on Saturday Mornings    $50


**There are no refunds.**

You may register online at www.etownboysclub.com at any time during open registration.


Practice will begin on August 2. Physicals needed by August 9.

Please note that all First year players in tackle program must provide copy of birth certificate, to be filed with the league.

For further information please email ebcfootballcomish@gmail.com

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