2012 Registrations


A-Squad: Age 14 or younger by Sept. 1st    (155 lbs. and under)
B-Squad: Age 12 or younger by Sept. 1st    (135 lbs and under)
C-Squad: Age 10 or younger by Sept. 1st    (115 lbs. and under)
D-Squad: Age 8 by Sept. 1st                            (95 lbs and under)
Pee-Wee:   Ages 5 – 7 Flag Football
In addition to the EBC Player Contract, the Red Rose Player Contract is required for the A, B, C and D squads and is available under FormsIf you register online you will still need to come to one of the Sign-up dates listed below and hand-in the Red Rose Player Contract and, for first-year players, a copy of your birth certificate.
Registration Fees
A, B, C and D Squads - $65              Pee-Wee Flag Football - $25
(A multiple player discount only applies for individuals playing on the A, B, C or D Squads)
(1st player @ $65 with each additional player @ $45)
(For first time A, B, C or D squad players, you must provide a COPY of your birth certificate.)
All players for A, B, C, or D squad will need a physical with the Red Rose Player contract filled out by a physician.
EBC will not be providing physicals for players this season.
Conditioning practices are August 6th, 8th and 10th from 6pm - 8pm @ Poplar St.
EBC/EAHS Varsity Football Camp on August 7th and 9th from 6pm-8pm across from East High
Full Padded / Contact practices begin Monday August 13th from 6pm - 8pm @ Poplar St.