Reasons for Fundraising

The Elizabethtown Boys Club is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization who operates through its network of volunteers from its Board of Directors to the individual sport commissioners and most importantly, its coaches.  Without this network of volunteers the organization and the sporting programs would not be able to operate.  The registration fees the EBC charges are only a small fraction of the cost the organization pays for each player to participate.  Because of this offset in costs, the organization asks each registered individual to participate or opt-out, with a fee, of fundraising for the major fundraiser of the sport.  There are many costs associated with running certain programs but the most frequent costs associated are uniforms, equipment, field maintenance, insurance, field lighting and administration costs for usage of facilities.

In addition to the seasonal fundraisers conducted during the spring, fall and winter, the EBC holds a few other general fundraisers that include the annual golf tournamnet held at the end of June, the annual chicken barbeque held on Memorial Day in May and the annual Bowl-A-Rama held at the end of January.  These three fundraisers are key to raising additional funds that enable the EBC to continue running the sports programs each year.

To view more information about each of our various types of fundraisers, use the links to the left.  We hope to get more information about the associated costs of running each program and show the comparison of what it cost the EBC to run the sports program versus what we charge the participant to show the need for fundraising and to show that we continue to offer a low-cost option to area youth looking to participate in sporting activities.