Red Rose Midget Football League Covid-19 Guidelines

Red Rose Midget Football League Covid-19 Guidelines

1) All families must sign a waiver

2) A pre-screening health checklist must be handed in daily. If you have any doubt of your child's wellness, that day, keep them home

3) We will conduct temperature checks daily prior to practice. Any 100.3 and below is fine. If over cannot practice (or play) that day. If over 2 checks in a row, you must then have doctors release to return

4) We will do our best to maintain social distancing during practice.

5) Coaches are required to have face masks on them at all times, and wear when social distancing is not possible.

6) Players will need masks for pre-workout and on the sidelines when social distancing cannot be achieved.   

7) We do not have, but you are welcome to purchase a clear face shield attachment for helmets, if you are so inclined
8) All balls used in practice or games will be sanitized, at least on an hourly basis.

9) There will NOT be team water jugs this year. Parents are responsible for supplying water for your players, during both practices and games. Your bottles or jugs must be clearly marked to ensure no sharing.  

10) Practices will run from 6:15 to 8:15 this year, as will take time to follow the above procedures